Garmin Approach S3 Golf GPS Watch

Garmin Approach S3 Golf GPS Watch Review

Golf aids are big business because of the potential they can provide in helping golfers and the Garmin Approach S3 Golf GPS Watch aims to be the best possible friend you can have on the course. This watch lets wearer access a vast range of statistics on thousands of preloaded courses to help them gauge the layout of the course and distances and, ultimately, improve their game.

The stylish Garmin S3 golf watch has a waterproof LCD screen to display the Green View, Shot Distance and much more and is designed to be as convenient as possible. Has it really aided buyers’ games to such an extent or is it promising too much?

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Garmin Approach S4 GPS Watch

Garmin Approach S4 GPS Watch

More and more golfers are turning towards GPS devices to improve their game, especially wearable ones, and the Garmin Approach S4 GPS Watch is designed to provide the next level of performance and design in this well-loved range.

This device promises accuracy and useful information with its precise yardage, touchscreen and access to 30,000 worldwide courses and also has the advantages of a light, 59g weight, data clip and smart notifications. Is this upgrade a great investment for avid players or does it fail to live up to the standard of the range?

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Bushnell Golf Neo XS GPS Watch

Bushnell Golf Neo XS GPS Watch Review

From the basic specification alone, the Bushnell Golf 2014 Neo XS GPS Watch sounds pretty familiar – 33,000+ pre-loaded courses, odometer, shot distance calculator, easy to read display, waterproof up to 30 meters – but it does also claim to be the “lightest and thinnest Golf GPS Watch in the world”.

This sounds great but is there more to this golf watch than just comfort?

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GolfBuddy World Platinum GPS

GolfBuddy World Platinum GPS Review

The GolfBuddy World Platinum GPS claims to be one of the best around because its 50-channel satellite reception gives “unprecedented” accuracy but it also has other apparent benefits to its specification like the automatic course and hole recognition, customizable target function, shot distance measurement, the use of Stableford scoring for up to 4 players and the water and shock resistant case.

The manufacturers say that this “brilliant innovation” will “definitely get you playing smarter golf”: is this device really all that innovative and are players seeing improvements in their games?

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IZZO Swami 4000 Golf GPS

IZZO Swami 4000 GPS Golf Handheld Review

The bold, black and yellow IZZO Swami 4000 Golf GPS is a system that is designed with the golfer in mind and claims to offer fantastic speed and accuracy to aid them on the course. It promises to provide information on thousands of worldwide courses – with the option of yards or meters and 12 different languages – while also being durable and waterproof.

The Izzo brand is one that many buyers may be unfamiliar with and this could cause some concern over buying it in favour of a top name: is this a worthwhile purchase or should buyers have paid more for what they know?

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Easy Green WR67 GPS Golf Watch

Easy Green WR67 GPS Golf Watch Review

With its talk of a 67 channel satellite receiver, duel processors and a vast range of over 30,000 courses already pre-loaded onto its memory, the Easy Green WR67 Golf GPS Watch sounds like a system that is very capable and knowledgeable. Among the features on this waterproof watch, which comes in a choice of black or white, are expected features like the shot distance calculator and other less common bonuses like the tee time alarm and odometer.

On top of all this, it apparently also “works great as an everyday watch” – just in case buyers also want to tell the time. This Easy Green product was given a gold award by US golf digest, suggesting that it really is one of the best watches of its type out there, but does it do enough to earn the same level of respect from buyers?

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Garmin Approach G6 Golf GPS

Garmin Approach G6 Golf GPS Review

Garmin is a trusted name in GPS software and gadgets so the Garmin Approach G6 Handheld Golf GPS will be sure to catch the eyes of golfers who are looking for a helpful information system with a modern edge.

In addition to the pre-loaded courses and distance finding applications, there is also a scorecard, stat tracker and information on club averages for more competitive players. This GPS has apparently caused envy among golfing friends but it is really that impressive?

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Expresso WR62 GPS Golf Watch

WR62 GPS Golf Watch Review

The WR62 GPS Golf Watch looks like an everyday wristwatch on the surface with its stainless steel bezel and buttons, stopwatch and date settings; however, under the crystal, waterproof lens there is a specialised golf aid that aims to offer plenty of information to help golfers.

These additional features include a 62-channel receiver for accurate data on distances and hazards and simple access to information no matter what course you are on. The makers of this WR62 golf GPS watch have clearly put a lot of thought into the design and how it should be worn but do the functions actually offer any advantages to users?

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